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Caritas Australia, Project Compassion

Project Management, Printing, Collateral

Project Compassion Collateral

Caritas Australia is an international aid and development agency whose primary aim is to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity so the world's poor won't need to rely on charity.

Project Compassion is Caritas Australia's annual fundraising appeal which is one of the largest humanitarian appeals in the country.


To project manage the printing and materials distribution for each annual appeal. Coordinate 33 individually designed items, over two million printed products and 125 shipping locations to reach every Catholic diocese and school across Australia.


Create shared procedures for Caritas, assembly, warehousing and distribution companies, all with common target dates.
Devise cost efficient methods of assembly so that teaching programs with kits for schools and parishes arrive fully assembled containing posters, DVDs, fundraising money boxes, donation envelope packs and teaching aids.


GBD has continued to build efficiencies into the distribution management of Project Compassion that has kept the cost overhead for Caritas to a minimum.

Central Coast Area Health

Advertising, Campaign, Products

Local advertising campaign DO IT safely

Central Coast Area Health provides public health services to the local region. Services cover general medicine and surgery in addition to specialist services such as coronary care, neurology, renal, obstetrics and paediatrics.

Services in the community or home setting include nursing, child and family health, drug and alcohol, and mental health.


Create a local campaign to combat binge drinking in adolescents.


Produce a campaign that speaks for itself using a pregnant shaped bottle of alcohol.

The image reflects both beer and pre-mixers alluding to male and female teen drinking preferences and graphically shows one of the consequences of what being out of control can do.


Initially developed as a campaign for the Central Coast region, it was found to be so successful it was rolled out throughout NSW State Health.

Central Coast Business Excellent Awards

Trophy Design

CCBEA Trophy Rationale

As part of the regional Chamber of Commerce activity, the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards celebrate and recognise the outstanding dedication, commitment and successes of Central Coast businesses.


The inaugural Central Coast Business Excellence Awards required a trophy that represented the prestigious new event.


Create a unique trophy that encapsulates the meaning of business excellence in all aspects of its design. Using metal to create three sculptural forms, these represent people forging and growing together in a business. The shapes also simulate the unique DNA of each business with the metallic colours of gold and platinum depicting strength. A light at the base shines through the centre symbolising insight and vision.


The trophy was well received by both organisers and recipients at the gala event and as a result formed part of the CCBEA identity with design elements incorporated into the logo.

Also recognised internationally, the trophy design was listed as a finalist in the 2012 international A’ Design Award & Competition which highlights and advocates good design, designers and design oriented companies.

Central Coast Grammar School

Advertising, Collateral, Event

CCGS advertising and collateral

Central Coast Grammar School is a K-12 non-denominational private school with a prestigious reputation for delivering enriched learning experiences and excellence in education.


Increase the number of enrolments for Kindergarten in 2014 and drive attendance to a series of Kindy Spotlight events held at the school.


Show a pre-school child at play in a typical environment at the beach, creating a sand model that represents a range of career choices. It reflects how a parent sees their child as unique and talented with dreams about their future.


The number of parents who registered for the event increased from an average of 30 in previous years to over 120 from one campaign, generating increased enrolment levels for the following school year.

The client also received a marketing and communications state industry award based on the creative of the Kindy Spotlight campaign and the outstanding results.

Chesalon Living

Branding, Advertising, Marketing

Chesalon Collateral

Chesalon is a division of ANGLICARE offering a full range of services and homes that are designed to support and enrich seniors’ lifestyles through the various stages of retirement years.


Launch Anglicare’s Chesalon Living brand and develop marketing and advertising material for the greenfield site at Oran Park Town.


Personify the new Chesalon Living brand through a female service manager. She is the face of Chesalon Living’s new Oran Park Town development bringing warmth, accessibility and personal competence to the product.


The Face of Chesalon brand launch followed by GBD’s Oran Park village campaign saw the first stage sell off the plan in four months. GBD saved over 40% in media costs above discounted rates due to our buying power which amounted to over $56,000 in a six month period.

ET Australia

Brand Refresh, Collateral, Website

ET Australia logo refresh, business cards and website

ET Australia is a boutique style registered training organisation in the not-for-profit sector that offers nationally recognised training and employment programs. ET Australia is geared to assist the underprivileged and unemployed achieve positive employment outcomes as well as cater to the training needs of the broader business community.


With changes in Government funding programs, Australian training institutions need to transition to a user-demand model over the next couple of years.


Personify ET’s brand culture as relevant and contemporary through refreshing the existing brand identity to engage the wider market.


The refreshed brand received positive comments both from ET staff as well as the public. The Board of Directors viewed the re-branding as a valuable and timely activity. ET’s website experienced higher levels of enquiries after the new look was launched.

Mometamax - marketing campaign

Design, Book Illustration, Products

Mometamax book and custom USB

Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health (ISPAH) is the Animal Health unit of Schering-Plough Corporation, a multinational pharmaceutical and therapeutic health products company.


Market a new companion animal drug without advertising it to the general public.


Create a friendly, personable character icon that depicts the product. Design a customised USB stick shaped in the product character which contains a digital invitation to a launch event.

Illustrate a storybook for use in veterinary waiting rooms. The book is fun, engaging and depicts the products use. When the two main characters’ names are joined, they form the product name.


The marketing campaign generated a level of response activity that greatly exceeded the client’s expectations. Additional copies of the storybook were requested by veterinary practices throughout Australia and book rights were sold to Schering Plough in Holland for international distribution.

The making of 'Max goes to the vet'

Graphic by Design develops children’s book to promote animal health product

McGarn McPherson Withington

In an enterprising departure from traditional marketing tools, Central Coast advertising agency GBD have developed a children’s book for an international veterinary pharmaceutical company and their new scheduled drug, which treats canine ear infection.

The challenge was to come up with a concept to promote a product that can’t actually be mentioned, as it is prescription-only. The solution is as clever as it is fun.

The concept for a book was born from a single cartoon dog. Sally McPherson, a national marketing consultant, fell in love with the canine character designed for the advertising campaign.

“She loved it so much, she developed and wrote a children’s book!” said GBD Chief Executive Officer, Jeff McGarn. “The challenge for us was to illustrate it and develop more characters to the supplied story line.”

Which they duly did. Thanks to modern computer technology, cartoonists now work with a completely different set of tools. Gone are the paint brushes and air brushing, that you would imagine a Disney cartoonist using. Instead, a black and white outline of each character is initially drawn by hand. From there, the rest of the process – filling in the detail and colour – is all done digitally.

The result is a high gloss, eight page book, which will be distributed to selected veterinary clinics stocking the scheduled drug throughout Australia.

Mr McGarn said, “It’s a cute way to get across to, not only kids, but the parents that read them the story that this is a great product for treating ear infections in dogs, and it only has to be used once a day. This makes it so much easier for people to treat their dogs.”

In addition to the books, GBD have developed a print campaign along with a host of innovative campaign materials from brochures and point of sale banners to gift boxes and coffee cup holders. If you are interested in the book illustration process, take a look at the video above.

Read 'Max goes to the vet'

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