Win the mind games with your market

The average person is exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day. Most go in one ear and out the other. So what can you do to ensure your message is one of the few that actually mesh in the mind?

Well, start by thinking less about newspaper space and more about the space in those same minds, or more to the point, what type of minds you’re trying to reach. Are they frugal thinkers or splurgers? A-Mart or Armani? Once you know, talk to them in their language — price versus perfection, savings versus style.

Remember, advertising is essentially an intrusion. No one is going to thank you for your 30 second interruption to their favourite program or page-dominating ad next to the sports results. So respect their right to ignore you by giving them a good reason not to. Appeal to their emotions and, above all, offer them something.

Don’t chest beat. No one likes a showoff. And understand the difference between a brand ad and a call to action ad — the former moves your market to like you, the latter asks them to put their money where their mouth is. Remember, values and senses are the keys to consumer’s wallets. Appeal to both and you’re well on the way to winning the market mind game.

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