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Logo design, branding, business cards

3DX logo design and stationery

3DX is a satellite-aided excavation company. The logo and stationery designed by GBD incorporates an image of space and the swooping line of a satellite route to help convey the sophisticated scientific technology used for excavation.

Aboriginal Affairs NSW - website

Web design, development, CMS

Aboriginal Affairs NSW web design home page

The development of the website for Aboriginal Affairs NSW was commissioned by the New South Wales government.

View Website

Advance Air - website design

Web design, development, CMS, SEO

Web design for Advance Air Conditioning Central Coast home page View Website
Web design for Advance Electrical Contractors Central Coast home page

Australian Audio Supplies

Logo design, branding

Australian Audio Supplies logo design

Local Central Coast business Australian Audio Supplies required an edgy, effective logo. GBD designed a simple black silhouette of a sound wave drawn in the shape of Australia.

Australian Council For International Aid (ACFID)

Brochure design

ACFID brochure design

As with most of our work for not-for-profit organisations, ACFID required work with a tight budget and quick turn-around. As a humanitarian and foreign aid advocacy group, ACFID required GBD to create an easy-to-read research paper from the information provided. We designed a brochure, sourcing images and typography to create a professional, high-quality paper.

Australian Retirement Partners (ARP) - Website Redesign

Website design, development, CMS, Blog

ARP web design home page View Website

Australian Technical College Central Coast

Advertising, Press Ads, Campaign

Advertising campaign for the Australian Technical College Central Coast

The Australian Technical College provided trade-based training for young Australians looking to complete Years 11 and 12 outside of a high school environment. GBD ran a government-funded youth-based campaign aimed at boosting enrolment.

Idea: The print ads made use of bold, bright typography to catch the eye of prospective students. They also featured minimal text and maximum graphics of job possibilities.

Baldwin Care – Grandfather and grandson walking

Photography, Care, Family

Baldwin Care Photography – Grandfather and grandson walking

Best Practice

Logo Design, Brand Development

Best Practice logo design and business cards

Bolton Brothers Barbers

Logo design, branding signage, business cards

Bolton Brothers Collateral


Corporate Brochure Design

BioChem Water brochure

BioChem Website

Web design, development, CMS

BioChem web design home page View Website

Blueheath at The Bower

Brochure Design

Blueheath Brochure

Blueheath at The Bower

Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at Medowie Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at The Bower

Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at Medowie Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at The Bower

Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at Medowie Lifestyle Shoot

Blueheath at The Bower TVC

Video, branding, advertising

Blueheath at The Bower - website

Web design, development, CMS

Blueheath at The Bower web design home page View Website

Butterworth Building - Brochure

Brochure Design

Butterworth Building brochure design

The brochure for Butterworth Building was made to a custom size and design, as a reflection of their own custom-made homes. The brochure needed to match the fresh new branding of the company as modern and innovative builders. As such the new logo became a recurring motif for the brochure.

Caritas Australia - Project Compassion

Project Management, Design

Caritas Project Compassion collateral design, printing and management

Originally commissioned in 2006 to refresh the design of the Caritas Project Compassion appeal, GBD’s role quickly grew to include the project management, printing, collation and distribution of materials for one of the largest annual fundraisers held across Australia.

Challenge: The management of Project Compassion required the coordination of 33 individually designed items and over 2 million printed products with 125 shipping locations.

Results: GBD introduced low budget efficiencies to ensure smooth operation of the tasks. One of these efficiencies was the creation of shared procedures with Caritas, assembly, warehousing and distribution companies with common target dates for all.

Caritas Australia - Work place giving project

Campaign, Collateral, Design, Folder

Caritas Work place giving project graphic design

Caritas Australia - World Youth Day

Project Management, Design, Printing

Caritas World Youth Day graphic design and printing

GBD was commissioned by Caritas Australia to design and oversee the print management for their involvement with the historic World Youth Day event in July 2008. This involved design, printing and shipping of over 360,000 printed materials.

Caritas Australia - Project Compassion

Project Management, Design

Caritas Project Compassion collateral design, printing and management

Originally commissioned in 2006 to refresh the design of the Caritas Project Compassion appeal, GBD’s role quickly grew to include the project management, printing, collation and distribution of materials for one of the largest annual fundraisers held across Australia.

Challenge: The management of Project Compassion required the coordination of 33 individually designed items and over 2 million printed products with 125 shipping locations.

Results: GBD introduced low budget efficiencies to ensure smooth operation of the tasks. One of these efficiencies was the creation of shared procedures with Caritas, assembly, warehousing and distribution companies with common target dates for all.

Central Coast Area Health

Advertising, Campaign

Central Coast Area Health's health promotion campaign design

GBD developed a hugely successful campaign for CCAH to help combat binge drinking in adolescents on the Central Coast, designing a print campaign using the shape of a pregnant bottle of alcohol to signify the potential consequences of excessive drinking. We also created a key ring using the same shape.

Results: The campaign was so successful that it was adopted by NSW State Health and rolled out across the state.

quote open

Graphic by Design came up with an exceptional design for our health promotion campaign on the Central Coast. It was a key factor in the success of the campaign as the image was disseminated statewide by NSW Health.

quote close Christina Turner
Health Promotion Officer – Alcohol and Other Drugs Service Central Coast Health

Central Coast Business Excellence Awards (CCBEA)

Custom trophy design, Certificates

2011 CCBEA the design behind the design

In 2011 CCBEA requested that GBD design and produce a trophy for their inaugural awards ceremony.

Idea: To use metal to create three sculptural forms, representing people growing together and forging ahead in business. The shapes also simulate the unique DNA of each business.

Results: The trophy was well received and recognised internationally as a finalist in the 2012 International A’Design Award & Competition.

CCBEA award trophy design represents the key elements within a business
CCBEA trophy design and certificate

Central Coast Business Review

Yearly Prospectus, Monthly Magazine

Central Coast Business Review - Investment Prospectus design

Portrait Photography - CCBR

Magazine shoot

Brad Worthington - CCBR

Central Coast Council – Wyong Lakes Festival Map Design

Map Design, Map Drawing

Wyong Lakes Festival - The Entrance map spread in program
Map drawing – Lake Munmorah and Budgewoi
Map design – Canton Beach and map keys

Central Coast Grammar School

Kindy Spotlight Campaign

Central Coast Grammar School advertisement design

GBD assisted CCGS to increase the number of enrolments for Kindergarten 2014 with a series of both print and online advertisements.

Idea: The print advertisements featured a very young child creating an extraordinary sand sculpture or solving a difficult equation. The ads portrayed that CCGS provides the brightest future developing every child’s potential.

Results: The Kindergarten Open Day attracted over 120 parents, which was a vast increase on 30 parents from the year before. CCGS also received a marketing and communications state industry award for the creativity and success of the ‘Kindy Spotlight’ campaign.

Central Coast Grammar School - Performing Arts Centre

Design, Marketing, Campaign

Campaign design concepts for Central Coast Grammar School Performing Arts Centre

The Central Coast Grammar School commissioned GBD to develop a marketing strategy and design concepts for fundraising for the building of their prestigious Performing Arts Centre.

Challenge: For the campaign and designs to appeal to a wide range of ages – from children, to parents, to grandparents. It also needed to reflect the creative, cutting edge nature of the Centre.

Results: The campaign raised $2 million.

Central Coast Orthodontics - website

Web Design, Development

Central Coast Orthodontics web design and development

The design of the CCO website complements that of the logo, using the same colour palette, soft, clear shapes and friendly lowercase typography. Like the logo, it also represents cleanliness and sanitation as well as friendliness. The website is warmed by a large image of a group of young people, all bursting with vitality and happiness, reiterating the people-oriented service.

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Choc Txt

App Logo Design

Choc Txt mobile app logo design

GBD takes on a variety of niche-market projects, one of which was a logo for Choc Txt. This is a mobile phone application that enables users to send chocolate moulds of text as gifts. The logo designed by GBD is a simple but effective representation of this through the use of the gift box, and the speech bubble in place of the letter ‘o’.

Churches of Christ Care QLD - 2015-16 Annual Report

Annual Report, Design, Website

2016 Annual Report cover design

2015-16 Annual Report design rationale

The idea behind this composition was to use watercolour painting textures to evoke the ‘colouring in the vision’ message. The brushwork is divided into three colours to represent each of the values – yellow for integrity, red for unconditional love and blue for stewardship.

The circular shape formed by the brushwork abstractly evokes an eye and the sun, bringing to mind conceptually both vision and light.

A website version of the Annual Report was also developed.

View Website
2016 Annual Report hosuing double page spread design

Des Johns – website

Web Design, Development

Des Johns web design View Website

Eden Catering and Events - Website

Web design, development, CMS

Eden Catering web design home page View Website

Erina Kindergarten – Photography

Photography, Childcare

Erina Kindergarten – Photography

Eris McCarthy - advertisements


Eris McCarthy press ad designsEris McCarthy press ad designs
Eris McCarthy smart choice press ad design
Eris McCarthy energy saving press ad design
Eris McCarthy command central press ad design

ET Australia - web design

Website Design, Development

ET Australia website design

ET Australia is a boutique training organisation offering employment programs, short courses and traineeships for all ages. In 2011 ET approached GBD to help boost student enrolment.

Research: GBD conducted market research into ET’s existing brand, industry competitors and student profile. With these results we helped ET refresh their brand identity by creating a new logo and website design.

Website challenge: During the brand refresh project for ET Australia a new website was designed and developed. A main challenge was to incorporate the new user-demand model the business was transitioning into, and to include easy-to-manage features such as a training calendar to keep people up to date, and most importantly, to generate enquiries.

Results: ET Australia’s website experienced higher levels of enquiries after the new web design and branding was launched.

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First National Retail Leasing

Logo design, branding

First National Logo

Gibraltar Park - web design

Website Design, Development

{tag_large image alt tag} View Website
Gibraltar home page after scrolling
Gibraltar Park homes web page design

Gosford Station

Photography, Mono, Industrial

Gosford Station photography black and white

Husqvarna - collateral and advertising

Collateral, Advertising

Husqvarna brochure design cover
Husqvarna brochure design inside pages
Husqvarna brochure design inner page

Illusion of Despair – Album Cover

Photography, Album Cover

Illusion of Despair – Album Photography
Illusion of Despair Photography


Latitude One Shopfront

Latitude One Shopfront

Freshwater Shopfront

Freshwater Shopfront

Ingenia – Latitude One – Lifestyle Photography

Photography, Lifestyle, Port Stephens

Soldiers Point Marina
Dining at Soliders Point Marina Restaurant

Soldiers Point Marina Restaurant

Picnic at Fingal Bay

Fingal Bay

Surfing in Port Stephens

Surf Boards

Beach Walking in Port Stephens

Beach Walking

Ingenia Lifestyle - Freshwater

Lifestyle Shoot

Ingenia Freshwater

Ingenia Lifestyle - Freshwater

Lifestyle Shoot

Ingenia Freshwater

Ingenia Lifestyle COVID-19 TVC

Video, branding, advertising

Interior Makeovers

Web Design, Refresh

web design home page for Interior Makeovers Central Coast quote open

We were in need of a revamp, which included a new website and left it all in their capable hands. GBD continued to listen to our requirements and assist with any hiccups we have – which is great not being techno savvy at all.

We are so grateful and love the new look. We continually have very positive comments about our website. Thanks so much GBD!

quote close Julie & Hilary
Directors/Stylists, Interior Makeovers

View Website
Interior Makeovers web design contact page
Interior Makeovers website design testimonial page


Marketing, Advertising

Invoice2go application advertising campaign designs

GBD developed the press campaign, print management and logo design for a new mobile phone application allowing small businesses to track and send invoices on the go. GBD oversaw the marketing of the project from start to finish under the direction of the client. This involved a slightly cheeky campaign aimed at tradesmen and subcontractors using a female model. Results: The application has since caught the eye of American investors and is now worth over $112 million.

Julliard - website

Web Design, Development

Julliard website home page design View Website
Julliard website services page design

Julliard Finance and Business Advisors – brochure design

Brochure Design

Julliard brochure design previews

Once the new logo design and brand development was complete, Julliard needed a corporate brochure encapsulating their values and services to their prospective clients. For this project GBD not only designed the brochure but also managed the printing. The print management of the brochure included the creation of a custom die cut for the beautiful J-shaped logo on the cover.

Karpati Hair and Beauty – Valentine Promise

Photography, Products, Beauty

Karpati Hair and Beauty – product photography

Landscape Land

Logo Design

Landscape Land 'Busy Bee' logo design

The ‘Busy Bee’ featuring in the LandscapeLand logo was another one of GBD’s illustrated characters designed especially for advertising. The bee, in close connection with the business name, symbolised the productivity achievable by those who shop at Landscapeland.

Last Minute Chilcare

Poster Design

Landscape Land 'Busy Bee' logo design

Littles Surf Centre

Logo Design

{tag_large image alt tag}

Commissioned in 2002, the logo for Little’s Surf Centre features a custom-made font with the curved corners on each letter emblematic of the curl of a wave. A swooping curve in the background suggests a close connection with surfboards or surfing. The use of the colours navy blue and pale yellow are representative the sea and sand of the Central Coast.

Results: The logo for Little’s has become an icon on the Central Coast, due to the classic nature of the design.

Living Choice - marketing, advertising & design

Advertising, Marketing, Design

Living Choice collateral design samples

GBD launched the Living Choice brand back in the 90s, and were responsible for the marketing, design and printing of collateral as the company expanded within NSW, and then to Queensland and South Australia. As part of our marketing strategy GBD introduced Gold Logie winner John Wood to be Living Choice brand ambassador. Our leading edge design in the retirement sector led to GBD receiving a Federal Government award for our work in projecting positive imagery of senior Australians.

Living Choice dinner is served press ad design
Living Choice Jump campaign ad design


Brochure Design

Lumologie brochure design samples

Manor Homes

Brochure Design

Mark Eaglestone website home page design

Mareeba Aged Care

Web design, development, CMS

Mareeba Aged Care web design home page View Website

Martyne Ford

Web Design, Development

Martyne Ford web home page design

Another one of our community-based projects, GBD designed a website for local artist Martyne Ford. We worked closely with Martyne to ensure the website reflected her vision for the portrayal of her work. “I love it,” she says.

View Website
Martyne Ford web subpage design

Mobility 2 You

Logo Design, Branding

Mobility 2 You Logo Design

My Supply Co

Branding and Website

My Supply Co Branding and Website

Model Photography

Photography, Modelling

Model Professional Photography


Marketing, Campaign, Book, Custom Products

Mometamax Book & USB design samples

In 2009 GBD won the contract for a national campaign with the largest animal pharmaceutical company in the world, Intervet Schering Plough.

Challenge: GBD was commissioned to advertise a prescription-only medicine for dogs without mentioning the drug in the advertisement.

Solution: The solution was a kid’s storybook for use in veterinary waiting rooms with two characters whose names, Mo and Max, reference the name of the product. GBD also designed a customised USB stick in the shape of a dog which contained a digital invitation to the launch event.

Results: The marketing campaign generated a level of response activity that greatly exceeded the client’s expectations. Additional copies of the book were requested by veterinary practices across Australia and the GBD rights were sold to Intervet Schering Plough’s headquarters in the Netherlands for international distribution.

Nik and Jane's Furniture & Bedding Erina

Web Design, Development, CMS

{tag_large image alt tag} View Website
Nik & Jane's website interactive catalogue

North Construction

Web Design, Development, Projects Map, CMS

North Construction website home page design View Website
North Construction projects interactive map website feature

NWS Restaurant – Kilcare

Food, Photography

Food photography for NWS restaurant – Kilcare

Paula Dugan Accounting – website

Web Design, Development

Paula Dugan Accounting website home page design View Website
Paula Dugan Accounting website services page design

Pro Facemask

Logo design, packaging, website

Pro Facemask

GBD was commissioned to design the logo, packaging and website for Pro Facemask. The website offers ecommerce functionality to allow customers to buy online. After building the website, GBD supported this client's digital marketing including advertising and SEO.

Promaster Protection

Branding, brochure design

Promaster Protection collateral

RSL LifeCare Penrith

Lifestyle Shoot

RSL LifeCare

RSL LifeCare Penrith

Lifestyle Shoot

RSL LifeCare

Sanctuary Energy

Logo Design

Sanctuary Energy logo design

Sanctuary is an energy company with a focus on selling renewable, clean and green energy. We designed a logo incorporating the company initials, with the icon itself emblematic of both a tree leaf and a power-grid. The use of several different shades of green reiterate the company’s environmentally friendly ethos, as does the clean, elegant typography.

St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney


St Mary's Cathedral Sydney internal photo

GBD Managing Director Jeff McGarn was selected by St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney as one of the official photographers of the World Youth Day event. The event lasted five days and involved over one million people.

Jeff’s photos were used to create a calendar, which was then gifted to the Pope at the time, Pope Benedict XVI.

St Mary's Cathedral Sydney external photo
St Mary's Cathedral Sydney beautiful internal photography

Stevens Construction

Web Design, Development

Stevens Construction web design landing page View Website

Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care - logo and stationery design

Logo, Stationery Design, Business Cards

Sue Mann logo and stationery design samples

For over 30 years Sue Mann has been operating a family-run business on the Central Coast, providing specialist in-home nursing and care services. The Sue Mann logo depicts the organisation’s ethos of care through a heart shape, which is also formed from the Sue Mann initials. It sits above bold, sophisticated and corporate-style typography, reflective of the now largest in-home community care provider on the Central Coast.

Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care – website

Web Design, Development, CMS

Sue Mann website home page design View Website


Brochure, Expo Signage

SureSearch expo signage

Sydney Harbour Quay – Aerial Photography

Photography, Aerial, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Quay – Aerial Photography

Telex Hearing Care

Advertising, Press Ads, Signage

Telex Hearing Care press ad design

Telex has been operating a family-run hearing care business on the Central Coast for over 30 years. They approached GBD wanting to update their brand.

Idea: GBD designed a new logo with bold, eye-catching colour and the two letter Es facing each other, to personify two faces speaking to each other. The logo represents strengthened communication provided through Telex Hearing Care.

Telex Hearing Care flyer design
Telex Hearing Care sign advertisement design

Thermit Website

Web design, development, CMS

Thermit web design home page View Website

The Brittwood - website

Web design, development, CMS

Website home page design for The Brittwood at Ettalong View Website
The Brittwood
The Brittwood

The Terraces Paddington – The Tea Shop Paddington

Photography, Lifestyle, Paddington

The Terraces Paddington – Lifestyle Photoshoot – The Tea Shop Paddington

Trehy Ingold Neate – website & SEO

Website Development, SEO

TIN Central Coast web home page design View Website


Brochure Design

Unicef brochure design samples unpublished work

Viceroy Mt Gilead

Marketing, Collateral, DVD, Advertising

Viceroy Mt Gilead now selling design

GBD assisted Viceroy with the market launch and project management of its new retirement estate, Mount Gilead.

Idea: GBD enlisted prominent fashion and media personality Maggie Tabberer as the face of the ‘positive ageing’ campaign, which included a media launch at the Sydney Opera House.

Results: Within four months of the launch, the campaign had generated $25 million in sales. This was a total of 70 homes sold off the housing plans alone.

Viceroy Mt Gilead collateral and dvd design
Viceroy Mt Gilead brochure design

Husqvarna Trimmers TVC

Video, branding, advertising

Husqvarna Chainsaw TVC

Video, branding, advertising

Sue Mann TVC

Video, branding, advertising

Manor Homes Brand Video

Video, branding, advertising


Branding, Show Room Signage

Viciniti Point Frederick

The Vantage at Vasse

Brochure design

Viciniti Point Frederick

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