Don’t take the chicken option. Cheap Cheap.

When it comes to marketing and advertising budgets the current temptation is to slice and dice. This is soon followed by the second temptation – cover the same bases with less spend... other words spread the budget too thin. Realistically your product or service does not have universal appeal. Everyone is not going to go for it. So you need to be clear about who your primary and secondary markets are. Get to know them well. What motivates them to purchase. More importantly what is going to get them to buy your product. Tactics are key. So when you spend, make it count.

Make it creative. Don’t cut – spend wisely. And I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about clever resources, targeted time and inspired creativity. As soon as you reduce your communication with existing clients and potential new clients, it opens up the wonderful opportunity for your competitors to pick them up.

What is your call to action? What are the smart offers or packaged prices?

What is the value add that will trigger a response? How do I get the message across?